About the book

“The equipment of Special Forces – handbook” is a compendium of modern military equipment used by Special Forces. The handbook discusses the use and application of advanced technologies in the production of military equipment.

Current trends in conducting warfare operations put the members of Special Forces in the forefront, not only in terms of training, but also the use of the state-of-the-art military equipment.

Moreover, it is also a valuable source of information for soldiers with slightly more experience, who do not use such equipment on a daily basis, but encounter it as part of SF soldiers’ loadout.

At every stage of work on the book, I tried to look from the perspective of both a user and a person who has never before come across various abbreviations and issues such as: ballistics levels, night vision generations, fast ropes, boarding, forced entry, Picatinny rail, red point, IR, EOD and many others.

You will also find a historical outline of how the equipment has evolved, and how its use has changed over the years along with the needs and expectations of users.

The scope of topics discussed in the “The equipment of Special Forces – handbook” provides a glimpse into the most modern equipment, armament and technical solutions used in the modern battlefield.

The book aims to systematize knowledge about the equipment and its use by professionals (operators), as well as answer a number of questions raised by many young people who would like to start their adventure with the army.

The book will answer the following questions:

  • What is it called?
  • How does it work?
  • What is its tactical use?
  • Origin, historical outline – how was it before and how is it now?
  • What kind of terminology does a modern soldier use?

The book is dedicated to:

  • commanders and soldiers
  • lecturers and students of military schools
  • instructors
  • military and army enthusiasts
  • producers following trends in military technology

Yours sincerely,
Grzegorz Górnik

Grzegorz Górnik,

an enthusiast of army and military equipment for over 30 years. Currently, an entrepreneur dealing in trading and selling products and technologies for military and police purposes, as well as a designer of police and military equipment, who also has products of his own design in his portfolio.

An instructor of shooting, diving, hand-to-hand combat, mountain and rock climbing.

He started his military education at the age of 15 at the Military Aviation High School in Dęblin. Later he graduated from the School of Land Forces Standard-Bearers in Poznań in the field of Special Forces. A former operator and instructor of special units and participant in peacekeeping missions. He did his military service and gained experience in, among others, the Special Commando Unit in Lubliniec, the Task Force of the Military Police in Warsaw and Military Unit GROM.

He completed training for Combat Team Operators in the field of, among others, Special Services, Counter-terrorist Onshore and Offshore Operations, as well as Protective Activities conducted by the Government Protection Bureau.